Friday, June 15, 2012

Remembering Evelyn Underhill, June 15-16

The Practical Mystic (Canterbury Press, Norwich, England, $29.99) is a new book on Evelyn Underhill, her life and her writings. It is edited and introduced by Raymond Chapman, an Anglican priest and Emeritus Professor of English in the University of London. The book is available in the U.S. through Westminster John Knox Press at

Today is the feast day for Underhill as appointed on the church calendar. She died in 1941 on this date. Underhill wrote more than 30 books and many articles and reviews that were hugely popular in the 1920s and 30s in England, but she is most famous for her book Mysticism. She often led retreats for women's groups in the Anglican Church in England and she was the first woman invited to lead retreats for Anglican clergy.

In the United States, the Evelyn Underhill Association (EUA) promotes study and research on Underhill and her writings. You could find their newsletter at http://www.evelynunderhillassociation/.

On June 15--16, 2012, the EUA is sponsoring a special day in honor of Evelyn Underhill, as they do each year at the Washington National Cathedral. For details, search: Evelyn Underhill Quiet Day at Washington National Cathedral.

---Lois Sibley